Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Taste of Honey (Mead?)

The Blue Plate Special Drinking Game!

Everytime Della falls asleep, do a Jagerbomb
Everytime Ricky Jim takes a picture, drink a Slo Gin Fizz
Everytime Ramona says, "Momma", drink a Cosmopolitan
Everytime Connie Sue changes outfits (and wigs), drink a Sex on the Beach
Everytime Ronnie Frank motions to or grabs his crotch, have a Lynchberg Lemonade
Everytime Preacher Larry tries to tell someone who he is, drink a Shirley Temple

By my calculations, that's about 83 drinks in two hours time! Probably the best idea is to bring a few friends and divy up the characters. Assign three people to Ramona unless you want to kill someone...

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