Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paperback Writer

Another review of "Blue Plate Special", this one on Theatre Louisville's website:


This one is written better BY FAR than the LEO review last week. It praised, it critiqued, and it was specific. I don't think the reviewers on this site are paid, and it's a damn shame that the reviewer from LEO was in comparison!

Of me (yes, me - this is MY blog damnit!), she had to say:
Ray Robinson's Ricky Jim doesn't quite seem to possess the same vigor as some of the others; while the character is dim, he could be a little less hangdog and a little more modulated in his schlepping about. His accent is unusual, kind of Tennessee laced with Chicago, which is only disconcerting until we learn that Chicago is exactly where Della met him.

She makes valid points, especially about me being hangdog. Some of that is direction - Ricky Jim does pretty much get treated like a doormat, so playing him as a defeated personality makes sense. But I'll admit that some stems from my insecurities of being surrounded by seasoned pros; a battle I've made great strides in, but I still have some work to do it seems.

As for the accent, that's entirely accidental. The Tennessee drawl and talking pace are intentional, but the Chicago tinge was not. Honestly I've never been accused of having a "northern" accent. Maybe that's RedFaery's influence, as she was raised in northern Indiana. Thanks dear!

Anyway, I appreciate the thought that went into this piece, and wish more reviewers were this thorough. Makes my day!

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