Friday, March 7, 2008

Slow Down

They said it was coming for about a week now. Snow. Buckets and buckets of snow. Or as I like to refer to it - "frozen death from above".

I'm one of those "I'll believe it when I see it" types. I don't doubt it's going to happen, but when they predict outrageous numbers of inches, I typically think "Yeah, right". This time was no different.

Thursday the latest report was "snow overnight, and continuing until morning". At least this time it wouldn't effect our play, since we have no performances on Fridays. But Friday is our big workday, so I was paying attention.

RedFaery got up at her usual time, about 90 minutes before me. I mutter to her "Any snow out there?" and she replies, "Nope". I smile and roll over. About 20 minutes later when she's ready yo walk out the door, she told me it had started to show. "About goddamn time!" I think.

One hour later I get up and see over an inch on the ground. Ahh shit...

I head in to work on a slippery interstate populated by overly timid pussy drivers and amazingly fast idiots with no concept of traction. I get there and everyone's amazingly there. Hope they brought sleeping bags.

Hope Papa Johns won't renig on their promise to deliver. It's only across the damn street...

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