Monday, March 17, 2008

Free As a Bird

Yesterday as the last performance of "Blue Plate Special". Whenever I finish a show, lots of emotions flow thru me - but the biggest one today is relief. Two reasons.

The first is just simply accomplishing a personal goal. I've stated many times on my blog about how this was my first "professional" acting gig (aside from working a haunted house a few years back), and all my concerns with whether I can hold my own with seasoned pros. I can, I did, and I'm very satisfied with my work. Everyone involved with the show has my contact info and knows what I can do on stage - so if they need a hole filled they know how to get in touch with me. Plus I built up enough confidence in my skills with the producers that they are turning me lose on planning and running the Alley Theater Improv Showcase (more in future blogs I'm sure).

The second is shaving. I basically didn't shave for two months to grow a beard and a head of hair so I could convincingly look like a redneck that's likely to dig up his own backyard to build a bomb shelter. The effect was quite scary-looking - at least I was startled everytime I looked in a mirror.

The most surprising thing was that I still don't have any gray hairs - I'm still a dark, deep brown. Considering my grandfather had white hair and my dad is very gray, I figured I'd have a few by now. Not a one.

When the show was done, I came home and grabbed the clippers and went to work. It was like shearing a goat. Hair flew everywhere! Scared a cat when some dropped on him too - that will teach him to wander around my feet!

After buzzing it down, I took the razor to it. A few bleeders and a shower later, I was done. I looked in the mirror and had forgotten what I looked like hair-free - it's a bit startling! I climbed into bed and enjoyed the coolness of the pillow on my head - I definitely wasn't going to miss being too overheated to sleep!

Another thing I won't miss is the itching. Stratching my face had become a borderline obsession! The one frightening part of auditioning for Tevye in a couple of months will be facing growing yet another beard for the role. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my craft...

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