Friday, March 21, 2008

Sun King (Queen?)

RedFaery learned to relight a pilot light today. Probably motivated by the ice cold showers we've dealt with for 2 days now. Proud of her!

Plumbers fixed the sump. The water it spits out kept coming back in because the ground slopes towards our house, and our basement windows aren't sealed worth a shit. In the meantime, RedFaery's gotten a long tube that routes the water further away, and it's helped. More spring home improvement projects. The sump drained the remaining inch of standing water in 10 minutes, so I'm happy about that. We'll probably finish our laundry tomorrow at the same time.

Tomorrow is dragging crap out, sorting out what we should keep, and making a pile by the back gate. Fortunately the quarterly large item pickup is in a couple of weeks, so the mess won't be in our backyard for long. Still not great weather to do much else except buy some more plastic bins.

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