Thursday, March 20, 2008


It had to happen sometime. Our sump pump has gone out, and we now have about 4 inches of water in the basement. Not surprising, since it's been going for what seems like non-stop since November!

We have a call into the home warranty folks, who in turn called a plumber. Despite the promise of a return call and appointment within 24 hours, we heard nothing. So we called again and have a promise of tomorrow morning. I'm sure we aren't the only ones in town with this problem, but damn!

We'd already started the migration of our things from cardboard boxes to plastic bins, but didn't get too far yet. Most of the boxes are at least off the ground and not marinating - however I'm certain we'll need a new Christmas tree. Plus the moisture in the air will make the rest a nice moldy mess. Reminder to buy gloves along with more plastic bins...

Our washer and dryer are down there, so we're going to a laundromat tonight with the essentials. RedFaery had the good sense to unplug them.

Our water heater has been overtaken as well, so no hot water for showers. I could scrub all the smelly bits today at the sink, but tomorrow I'll need to brave the chill and scrub all over. Brrr!

Other than that, it's just peachy!

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Anonymous said...

Bummer, man.

I sympathize. I waged war on ours the other night. We have a manual sump pump that I had to plug in (rigging the outdoor extension cords in the rafters, of course) and monitor. I even had to run the hose outside as the drain we normally use for excess water was ALSO backing up. I was hauling & re-rigging the pump around to 3 different drains for about 7 hours. Exhausting. Hubby was at work, so he missed the fun. :)

---your sis