Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've Just Seen a Face

Some recent photos that reference back to recent blog entries:

The room full of Beatle's album covers. These are the Japanese Beatles. "She ruves you, reah, reah, reah!"

RedFaery and I recording a Beatle's song (Let It Be).

My Musketeer outfit, minus the sword.

RedFaery in her Rennaisance outfit.

RedFaery's birthday dinner last night. Fifteen came out to celebrate with us. We had Jockamo's pizza and a decadent chocolate rasberry cake made by one of our friends (it gave Red a "cakegasm"). The waitress missed putting in our order, so we ate about 40 minutes after everyone else at the table (she felt so bad about doing it on Red's birthday, she didn't charge us). People brought giant balloons, one reading "Best of luck on a speedy recovery" as a joke (she's still laughing about that). Afterward, just the two of us went to karaoke, and I sang a couple of songs just for her. Great evening!

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PillowNaut said...

awesome musketeer outfit!! :)