Wednesday, August 20, 2008


RedFaery is officially 35 today! Due to an inside joke, I still refer to her as 32 though.

Last year she tried to get people to go out with her to eat to celebrate, and no one showed up. She lost quite a few friends that day ("lost" being a soft word for "kicked them out of her life"), and it was a miserable time for her.

This year some new friends we've made have planned a celebration at a local pizza place we've never tried, and about 15 people have already responded saying they're coming out. Even if only 10 of them make it out, it's already a better birthday for her!

Afterward we'll probably go karaoke - one of the attendees recommended a place that has it Wednesday nights. I don't know if she'll hold out that long (been plagued with a bad headache for over a week now), but I know she'll try.

The best part (and potentially the best birthday present): she had a solid job interview yesterday (only the third since being laid off over five months ago), doing the same type of work she really enjoyed two jobs ago. The interviewer gave her all kinds of positive vibes - they have another candidate to see Monday, but she'll know that evening if they want her. Should make for a tense weekend for her, but it'll help that I'm taking her shopping for new clothes - focus that nervous energy towards something positive and fun!

All my love, baby!


Lee said...

Luck on the interview!

Danielle said...

YAAAAAY Happy 32nd :) B-DAY and that Job Is HERS!!!! Hope the pizza party kicked butt.