Monday, April 7, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Ray - Week 13

Well, it had to happen sometime. I gained a pound this week.

As of Friday, I hadn't had any change. Then I worked a long Friday, came home and ate 5 pieces of leftover pizza right before bed. Couple that with eating too much when going out to restaurants with RedFaery's mom and grandmother who were down visiting, and all my poor eating choices came back to haunt me. I fell off the chuck wagon.

Another choice this week that I don't think was a smart one - my breakfast. I've gotten pretty sick of grits and oatmeal, so I tried to find something else. I finally settled on little microwavable chocolate chip pancakes. The serving size was 11 (how odd), and I'd make 6-8 of them, smear peanut butter on them and make little pancake sandwiches. In retrospect, while I tried to justify my choice by eating smaller than the serving size, flat-out carbs like that probably wasn't the best idea.

One really good thing is that the weather is starting to be nice again, so we'll probably take some walks in Iroquois Park. I'm starting to steel myself to the fact that if I want to get past this point, I'll probably have to add more exercise to my plan - portion control is no longer going to be enough.

Starting Weight: 237 lbs.
Weeks 1-12 Loss: 21 lbs.
Week 13 GAIN: 1 lb.
Current Weight: 216 lbs.

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