Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Ray - Week 12

Yesterday we had a (hopeful) breakthru in RedFaery's health. She got in to an endocrinologist to talk about regulating her Grave's disease and thyroid levels. Unlike what she's been told by our family doctor, her thyroid levels have been high for some time now (at least since November when they were last checked, but probably longer). This is probably what's been causing her rapid weight loss lately (3 lbs. this week, and 5 lbs. the week before), along with other things like being jittery, pacing, body aches, etc. Her dose has been adjusted to see if it's the medicine, and her blood's going to be closely analyzed to see what else can be done. Maybe for the first time in nearly seven years she can feel "right".

I slacked off a little this week in having something for lunch. I just didn't really think about it. Plus relaxing in French Lick, I thought I would cram it in a little more. I was only partially right - I ate a lot of pizza Saturday night, but took it easy at the buffet Sunday afternoon. It was actually my first buffet since starting my plan, and I ate two plates of food (with half of the second plate being a salad), and for dessert I had two mini waffles with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Considering what I used to cram in, this was a success!

As I reported last time, my weight is all over the place throughout the day. Yesterday morning I weighed 216 lbs again, but an hour later (and after time in the restroom) I managed to shave off another pound. I need to get serious on this again, otherwise I'm going to plateau.

Starting Weight: 237 lbs.
Weeks 1-11 Loss: 21 lbs.
Week 12 Loss: 1 lb.
Current Weight: 215 lbs.

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