Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dr. Robert

Most of you probably know to keep Benadryl handy for emergencies - this is just a reminder of how it's important, as well as just simple bragging on my wife for her clear-headed thinking in a crisis.

RedFaery has a myriad of medical problems, and the biggest hinderance often seems to be her allergies to various medicines. She's allergic to penecillian and all derivitives, sulfas, and non-steroidal anti-inflamatories (aspirin and ibuprofin). So when she has a really bad headache, all she can take is Tylenol, which does little.

Earlier in the day, she went to an immediate care center for a chronic headache she's fought for a month. She got a steroid anti-inflammatory, plus a prescription for Avalox (antibiotic) for her congestion. A couple of hours later she filled the prescription and took one.

Ten minutes later, she flushed and her lips tingled. She recognized that it was an allergic reaction (been thru them many times, considering the checklist above), and immediately took a Benedryl. As she sat there for a minute, she realized that her breathing was becoming labored, and she stumbled to the phone to call 911. She managed to confirm the address, tell them she couldn't breathe, and unlock the door before dropping the phone and passing out.

She remembers bits and pieces of the EMTs and the ambulance, and it took an entire respiratory team at the hospital to bring her around. Once she was stable and coherent again, the doctor told her that taking the Benadryl probably kept her alive until the EMTs arrived.

My wife is the strongest person I know, but if it weren't for that one little pill, I wouldn't have her anymore. I encourage everyone to consider keeping Benadryl handy - it's just a good idea.

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RedFaery said...

NO doubt it saved my life. Someone gave me the suggestions that I should also keep liquid benadryl handy as well for faster activation. Just happy to still be among the living today!