Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let'em In

I am the most patient person in the world. I have no doubt about this anymore - especially after the "Saga of the Screen Door".

With our tax stimulus money, we decided it was time to get a new couch. Mostly because when I sat on the couch we had, I sunk so deep into it I could almost knee my forehead accidently.

So we headed to a couple of furniture stores, and found a great couch for cheap at Furniture Liquidators. We paid extra for delivery, mainly because it wouldn't fit in the back of my Ford Taurus.

RedFaery relayed the story or the delivery to me the following Monday. They pushed and held open our screen door with one hand, carrying the couch in at the same time. She offered to hold it back and out of their way, and as soon as they said "it's no problem", it became a problem when the door slammed on the couch leg - breaking a hole the size of a fist in the plexiglass.


The next few days I spend on the phone with the furniture store, trying to get the warehouse guy. When he finally deems it necessary to come to the phone (I get the impression the receptionist finally beat him over the head enough - she was getting tired of talking with me), he promised to send someone out to fix it.

The guy came out and got the frame with the broken plexiglass about a week after the accident. When we didn't hear anything for a couple of days, I called until I got him (we'll call him "Glassboy" from this point on). Glassboy said that no one makes that type of plexiglass window anymore, and asked if I'd settle for regular glass. Sure, fine, whatever.

A few days later (and after another phone call), I find out that Glassboy sent someone out to put it in, and he broke the glass. So now they have to start all over. And I wonder what kind of chimpanzees we're working with.

I give a few more days then call back, since they're not big on status reports. Glassboy explained that he was having a plexiglass window custom-made to fit, and it would be another day. That was a Friday.

When Monday rolled around and we still had no window in place, I called to find out the guy is now sick, but he's going to bring it over and install it after he drops his wife off at work.

About 4pm that Monday afternoon (three weeks after the initial breaking), he finally gets it installed. However it's not a perfect fit, so he had to shave some off and hammer it into place. As a result, now the screen door won't close.

This weekend I'll see what I can do to "percussion engineer" it into place (that means "beat it with a heavy object"). Shouldn't be too difficult, and at least I'm not dealing with Glassboy anymore.

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Lee said...

Now you'll break the glass instead.