Monday, June 9, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Ray - Week 22

I've come to realize that while I love Chinese food, it's just not that into me...

I've been floating comfortably around 215 lbs all week, sometimes drifting up a pound. No big deal, other than that lack of forward movement I was hoping to see. I need to get to the gym more than once a week, and order smaller salads I guess.

Last night, we walked down to the Chinese restaurant. I got the relatively-healthy Bourbon Chicken, plus ate leftover rice from RedFaery's shrimp fried rice. Took all that to feel full, but it was still way less food that I used to eat from there.

This morning I'm at 220 lbs. I'm sure tomorrow it will have all passed thru my system and I'll drop at least 3 of those pounds, but I'm writing my update today, damnit!

So for my own good, I'm swearing off most Chinese foods for the time being. If Red's wanting some, I'll find something else to eat, or just have them package up some white rice for me instead. That's probably cheaper anyway.

Starting Weight: 237 lbs.
Weeks 1-21 Loss: 22 lbs.
Week 22 GAIN: 5 lbs.
Current Weight: 220 lbs.

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Lee said...

Yeah, the pseudo-Chinese food here in America is packed w/sodium, which causes your body to retain water, BTW.

Also, bourbon chicken has tons of sugar in the sauce. That's why it's yummy.