Friday, June 13, 2008

Alley Theater Improv Challenge press release


June 10, 2008 Contact: Carol Dines--502 396-3154


*The Alley Theater’s new TV and theatrical project is looking for teams *

From Second City in Chicago to Saturday Night Live to Drew Carey’s
“Whose Line is it Anyway”, improvisational theater has become a huge
force in American theatrical culture. Now, The Alley Theater is bringing
improvisational theater game play to Louisville, but with a unique
twist. They are calling for amateur teams to play in competition to
raise money for their favorite regional charities.

/The Alley Theater Improv Challenge/ is set to premier in late summer.
Produced in television game show format, the teams will try out their
improvisational talents before both a live audience and cameras taping
the 23 episodes to be aired on both the CW (WBKI) and YCS later in the

The Alley Theater is currently looking for companies who would like to
compete in /The Alley Theater Improv Challenge/. Teams will consist of 5
members with the option of having up to two alternate members as well.
Each team will elect a Captain who is responsible to come to the Improv
Challenge workshop for training on how the games work. It is important
that all participants understand that they will be entertaining a crowd
as well as competing to raise money for charity.

/The Alley Theater Improv Challenge/ will place teams against each other
in a double elimination bracket so that every team will play at least
two rounds (shows) before elimination. All teams must be willing to
commit to playing until they are eliminated, which could be as many as
23 episodes if they are the lucky winners.

With the advent of the many talent competitions like “American Idol” now
airing on network television, /The Alley Theater Improv Challenge/
brings that energy and excitement to Louisville with this innovative
theatrical production. Amateur actors, improv enthusiasts, and people
who just love to have fun are all invited to put a team together and
play for a deserving charity.

“In keeping with our mission to create cutting edge productions with a
broad audience appeal, The Alley Theater is excited to bring this unique
theatrical opportunity to Louisville. In cross promoting it with the
loyal TV audiences of the CW (WBKI) and YCS we feel we have a win-win
situation. It is also very important to us that a local charity will
also benefit from this innovative project as well,” says Scott Davis,
Producing Director for The Alley Theater.

The Alley Theatre, the only cabaret theater in Louisville, is starting
its 2nd season. In the works for fall are musicals, revues and original
comedies, professionally produced with signature flair and panache. The
shows are presented in a nightclub setting where the audience can sit
back and relax with a glass of wine.

For more information on how to register your team, go to .
Registration for each team is $25.

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Sounds exciting, Ray. SORRY I MISSED your party on memorial day> We couldn't get a sitter and didn't want to drag the kids. See you.