Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in years.

I forgot to eat. All day.

I bet you're wondering how someone forgets to eat. Shouldn't there be signs that you're hungry? Well, lemme tell ya...

Thursday night I had dinner probably around 8pm or so as normal. Then off to bed. I wake up early and immediately pop down in front of the computer to pay my bills (since my pay was direct deposited). Also I've gotten addicted to a MMORPG called Fallen Sword - it's kind of like World of Warcraft for cheap bastards like me. So I spend all my before-work time slaying monsters and spending gold pieces (that's actually me referring to paying bills). I have just enough time left to shower and dress.

On my way to work, I think, "Crap, I forgot to get a bowl of cereal. Oh well, I'll try to pick up something at lunch."

Fridays are our busiest days, since it's deadline day and out books go to press. I was expecting to do two layouts, but fortunately wound up only doing one. But I had to also focus on finishing calculations on a contest I was running at work, beyond my normal tasks of making sure everyone was working and finishing their books.

My stomach did let me know that it wasn't happy at about 3pm, but I was in the middle of layout, and once you get in a grove you don't want to stop. By the time I'd finished layout, other managers were already leaving, so I had to wait until the last person was out the door (in case they needed help).

Sometime around then (maybe 6:30), RedFaery called to let me know she'd picked up chicken and it was waiting for me when I got home. At this point, it became a game - how long could I go without food?

The last person was out the door at 9pm, and I always stick around for another 20 minutes or so just in case a printer calls in about an error. Didn't happen, so out the door I went.

By this time, I really noticed a lot of interesting things about my body. Typically when I go too long without food, I begin to slur my words and get distracted. They're preludes to a hypoglycemic attack of some kind. However, I wasn't feeling that this time, and it seemed odd to me - I was watching for it the whole time.

However, I was giddy. Like I was tipsy. I rolled down the window and sing along with whatever came on the radio, having a great time! Nothing bothered me either - not even asshole drivers.

I get home and tell RedFaery about it, swaying slightly and giggling like a schoolgirl. She's obviously concerned but to her credit doesn't give me any hell - she just wants me to eat. I destroy five pieces of chicken that tasted REALLY GOOD, and moved on to a bowl of cereal when that wasn't enough. I was finishing a bottle of water when I finally felt full, and we headed to bed.

Before and after eating, the scale registered that I'd lost a pound. I'm sure that if I were stupid enough to do this on a regular basis I wouldn't lose much weight, since I'd be training my body to converse fuel. Nor do I have any plans to repeat this day.

But it sure was fun!

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Lee said...

Food tastes better when you're actually hungry for it.