Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take Good Care of My Baby

I hate being sick. Not that I know anyone that enjoys it, but I just thought that was important to say.

It started over the weekend - the painful scratchy throat that kept me up at night, the coughing, and eventually the stuffy head and fatigue. I gutted through Monday because there were sales managers coming in for training, but I was plenty spent by that night. Tuesday morning, the "hit by a Mack truck" feeling was there, so I called in sick.

After laying around with an equally sick RedFaery most of the morning, we went to Wal-Mart for drugs and an oil change. Now that we have a new couch, it was time for new curtains in the front room to brighten it up a bit. When we got home, I felt a little stronger, so decided to hang them as well.

While the undercurtains, filled with cat hair, were getting washed, I hung the rods and the new draperies. This required a fun combination of furniture moving, stepstool climbing, and hole drilling. Fortunately, it looked pretty good when completed. And all the time I'm thinking, "Maybe I could have gone into work today - I'm holding up ok!"

Then the crash. Thank God the couch is new - the old couch was hard enough to get out of due to the springs being sprung; I can't imagine trying to do the same with no energy at all!

Today the cough is still there, being kept at bay with enough water to drown fish. There's a little more energy, so I'm pretty sure I'm not contageous anymore. Which is good, as I'm certain I actually picked up the bug at work.

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