Monday, July 7, 2008

Things We Said Today - Part 2

I re-shot the promos for the Improv Challange on Friday morning. Everything I didn't like about them Scott liked even less, so we both took part of the holiday morning to get some better ones.

We ditched the cue cards entirely, which led to a lot of bumbling on my part. Once we got a solid effort in the can, Scott (with Herschel along to help) tried filming a few more comedic ones. Most of them revolved about me "mistakenly" walking out under the logo (once post-produced) or having Scott tell me I've dropped a line. I think we got some funny ones.

I really made Scott bust a gut when I said, "Hey, ever wanted to be on Saturday Night Live? Well, this ain't it!" Sadly, seeing him laugh made me lose it too.

After 90 minutes, we had 5-6 really good shots, and I got a good lesson on what to expect when playing to the camera, which I've done woefully little on up to this point. I also had to bust out my rusty improv, so it was needed to get me in the right frame of mind to do this show.

Hopefully the spots will be on YouTube this week. And that blooper reel is going to be HUGE!

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