Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eight Days a Week

Random thoughts on this last week:

My commercials won't work on TV - something technical from what the producer said (I don't know, I'm just a talking head). At least we'll have them on the web, and maybe that will still effectively draw interest and participants.

You know you're a awesome singer when:
a. You're so white you're almost translucent, but still;
b. Black people are shaking your hand and dancing along when you give your rendition of "Minnie the Moocher"

As I mentioned in my weight-loss update, the Mongolian grill we went to was really good. RedFaery is going to try the unlimited version (all you can eat) next time, getting smaller portions, just for the variety. Me, I'm going to stick with one bowl - but I'm going to pile it high!

If you get the lamb chops at Mojitos, be aware that there isn't much meat there. They were more like "lambsicles". Taste was good though.

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