Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Morning, Good Morning

It's Leap Day, an extra day added to compensate for the fact that we still use an outdated method of recording time. I still think everything in this whole world should go metric, including the time. Break it down into 100 hour days - I think it would make the day go faster.

Think about it. Say you work a standard "9 to 5" job. You'd be getting up at about 25 in the morning, work about 50 hours in the day, and go to bed around 88. You're still doing the same thing, only it sounds like so much more! Perception is 9/10 reality (see, I used metrics there too!).

Anyway, speaking of leaping, I damn near did leap out of bed this morning. I'm laying there asleep when I hear this huge BOOM! Now, I guessed it was a thunderclap, although it seemed loud enough to be thunderapplause - but just it case it was a UPS jet crashing into my neighbor's home, I laid there a bit longer. I decided not to move until I heard more thunder or sirens - fortunately more thunder rolled in so I could roll out of bed.

Here's where I give props to the cats, Max and Princess. When we leave the bathroom window open (it swings left on a hinge), they like to sit on the still and listen to the sounds of the outside world. They did not leave that window when the thunder struck - that's some brave kitties!

Either that, or they were waiting for sirens.

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