Sunday, October 5, 2008

Too Much Monkey Business

Been a while since I've done a "here's my life" post. I'll save updates on the TV show for the next one, once I have an important meeting with the producers (big announcements coming soon).

This weekend RedFaery and I had a "Bad Movie Party". Anyone that's ever been to a showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" or seen "Mystery Science Theater 3000" knows what this is. Basically you get a lot of B-grade movies, and talk about it the entire time while the movie is showing. Sometimes you change the dialogue, sometimes you crack on the plot and characters, but whatever you do you don't try to follow along with what's going on.

Since our front room (hell, ALL our rooms) is small, we kept it to a small group. Someone requested that I make gumbo, so I spent Saturday morning slicing chicken and peppers, loading the crockpot and setting it on low. Red cleaned and cleaned the Friday before and deservedly slept in. I mowed for what is hopefully the last time in 2008 - have to remember to take the mower to a small engine place down the road for service and blade sharpening before storing it for spring.

Just after 4pm our friends started showing up. Danny & Holly brought brownies and an excellent meat-laden chili, Cindy brought chicken fingers and other deserts, Kim brought extra chairs and a friend, and Tymber brought a superb collection of B movies - half of which starring Bruce Campbell.

We watched the ever-popular "Army of Darkness", complete with original ending. Next was the original Batman movie with the TV series cast (Adam West version) - in all it's cheesy glory! We followed it up with one everyone MUST see, mine and RedFaery's favorite B-movie of all time, "Monster Man".

We tried "Bubba Ho-Tep" and realized it wasn't a good one for a bad movie party - partly because of it's slow pace, but also because we wanted to follow along with the plot. So we stopped it after 30 minutes or so, and put in "Fangs", a movie about genetically-altered bats.

The last of our visitors headed out around 1:30am, all seemingly having enjoyed themselves. Virtually no clean-up - what a tidy bunch! It will be a while before we host another Bad Movie Party, because if you try to do them too often they get stale. But we will have one again!


Lee said...

If you have cable with on-demand, check out for your next one. Chock full of B movies to choose from like the ones from the drive-in back in the '70's.

redfaery said...

No cable, we have Dish, friend of ours was telling us about on her cable though.