Friday, October 31, 2008

Things We Said Today

Just general stuff of my life at the moment:

* After nearly eight months of searching, fretting and tears, RedFaery is finally employed once more! Kentucky only has six months of unployment, and since the economy is so bad they also have a 3 month extension - she would have come to the end of that around Christmas. So the timing couldn't be better!

Red took this time off to not only search for the right job, but to get many of her healthcare concerns straightened out. She has Grave's Disease, which is an auto-immune disorder, so she has to be very aware of any and all problems that crop up with her body. She went to a very knowledgable endocrinologist who not only chased down and negative changes to her thyroid levels, but also discovered a severe Vitamin D deficiency, and got both back on track. To complete the unholy trinity of ailments, Red also had sinus surgery to remove polyps in her nasal cavity, which was causing the headache from hell. Now she's less likely to take sick days from her new job!

Speaking of the job, she may be the only person in the world with both a Financial Planning degree and and IT degree, and she may have found the only job in the world looking for that combo! On top of that, it's the largest payrate she's ever gotten, and the company is only 10 miles from home - so the saved gas money is a payraise too! She'll be building and maintaining the operating systems for a high-end designer door company, and helping their HR/Payroll person out with financial tasks as well.

I'm proud that she patiently held out for a position where she would NOT just be a number/warm body, and that she could do work that showcases her talent.

* Tonight beings another year of the National Novel Writing Month contest (NaNoWriMo). I entered it last year, finished my novel, but fell about 13,000 words short of the 50K goal. This year, I'm torn between two ideas: writing about my daydreams freeform, or writing a fictional story about me touring with/being a member of the Beatles. I'm kind of "meh" on it, but I did have a lot of fun with it last year, and was proud of my finished work (even though it sits on my hard drive requiring extensive editing - someday!). I guess tonight at midnight, I just start typing and see what happens!

* Costume contest at work. I'm wearing my Musketeer outfit, but I'm going to lose to either the "Box of Wheaties" or the "Help Wanted Ad". They are awesome!

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redfaery said...

It's actually about 4 1/2 miles from home, even close than you think. I cannot believe I start on monday! ACK!